Anti-Bacteria Agency (6750I)

Production Capacity: 500tons
Payment Terms: T/T
Anti-Bacteria Agency (6750I)

Product Description

Anti-Bacteria Agency (6750I)

This product is the natural active substances which is extracted from chitin called as "sixth life elements" by scientists throught world leading technology. It is a non-dissolution durable anti-bacteria agent and is suitable for finishing cotton, wool, polyester, polyester/cotton, nylon, wool/polyester etc, such as sports garment, working clothes, underwear, socking, shoe lining, towel, carpet, leather, filter material, sheet, quilt cover, textile for army.

The product has highly efficient and extensive for bacteria, mould property, and keep the fabric clean to prevent the bacteria to grow again. It is a durable polymeric compound with the several active groups which can form covalent bond with-0H-, -NH-on the treated fabric. Then the fabric got excellent resistant washing ability. Its antibacterial groups acted on the bacterial cell membrane and caused cell membrane to become incompletely, so the permeability was increased. The cytoplasts in the cell dropped out, it can inhibit the bacterial protein to synthesize and cause the bacterial inner core albuminous body used up. The result is that bacterium was killed.

The product is developed jointly by the Chinese people's liberation army pharmaceutical institute and has passed the authoritative test by domestic chemical fiber industry association and many other authoritative examination institutions. This product is accord with American standard AATCC100 and Japanese standard JISL1902-2002.

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